Green Gala at Books & Company, Picton

The speakers at this event are Mark Cullen, Canada’s best known gardener, television personality and author, Denis Flanigan Landscape Ontario HGTV, Scott Wentworth of Wentworth Landscape Group, Stephen Poole from Connon’s Nurseries. Some pretty awesome speakers and I’m glad that I get to be there with my booth of wares to sit and listen to […]

Goat Girls

(editor’s note, there used to be a video here, but it has disappeared into the nether regions of the internet!) Knit and Purl love school day mornings. They know we are out early and the kids are running around and interesting to watch. It also means that they get me in the pen visiting with […]

Laughter is ALWAYS the Best Medicine!

It is once again that time of year when the blues starts creeping in around us. Not enough sunlight and too cold to be outside, unless you don’t mind your nostrils freezing together everytime you try to sniff away a runny nose because it’s so freaking cold! I tend to go the way of the […]

Snow Goats!

(editor’s note, there used to be a video here, but it has disappeared into the nether regions of the internet!) Here are Knit and Purl standing on their ramp with Knit at the top. Knit has this funny thing about using her hooves to paw at you. We can’t quite figure out what she wants. […]

Busy Hands Christmas Craft Show – This Weekend!!

This should be another excellent craft show since I know a few people that are bringing their wares to this show. Tim has been working hard on all his concrete sculptures so he has lots for the show. I have been knitting like a mad woman so that I have my crazy hats and some […]

And the Winner is…

Knit and Purl! Congratulations to Leslie Hetherington who submitted the winning names! Thanks to all that participated. Here they are, actually in this photo Knit is on the right and Purl is on the left. In truth Leslie suggested Kit and Purl, as knit could be seen as a rather buggy or pest-like name. However, […]

Let the Voting Begin!

We are all very excited to find out the names of our goats! We’ve gotten a great response and have a big list to choose from, so let the let’s get voting! Here is the link to vote for your favorite goat names: (voting is closed!) You can only vote once, so make it count! […]

2 Days Left to Name Our Goats!

The deadline for submissions is Friday Nov 20th at midnight, then the voting begins! Get your name suggestions in today!! They are too cute to go nameless for much longer. How else will Santa put them on his list?? (See the next post for details)

Name the Galloping Goats’ Goats Contest!

Our girls are here!!! Yay!! They are so small and cute but fairly timid so far. Everyday we have gone out and talked to them and petted them as much as they will allow. I think they are slowly getting more comfortable and even are starting to play a bit with each other. They will […]

Scarecrow Festival Success!!

We had an amazing and fantastic Scarecrow Festival this year!! Thank you again to all of the people that came out and made a scarecrow and for those that just gave a donation. We raised the most $ ever and gave a cheque for $1300 to the Reverend Jean Wilson for the church’s trust fund […]