Hypertufa Class #1

Here are some fun shots of the ladies that took the first hypertufa class in May when it was a bit chilly out. This class raised $230 for Breast Cancer, YAY!

Hypertufa Recipe

2 parts portland cement
3 parts peat moss
3 parts sand

Use the same container to measure all the amounts and add water until it is mixed to the consistency of cookie dough. It should stick together but when you squeeze it no water should drip out. One trick is to mix the dry ingredients before adding water since it’s a bit of a heavy job mixing it all once it is wet. Most importantly when pressing the tufa mud onto a form make it really thick so it’s strong when it’s dry.

We were working in our other barn which is a bit of a mess for all stuff we store in there.

For all of you that are interested in taking the class I’m going to have another class in late September. All the graduates of past classes are welcome to come back and make another piece for the cost of material alone.

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