Our Spring Opening is Almost Here!!

Well only a week to go! March 19th is our opening for the 2009 season and the snow has finally melted, just in time. I’ve been doing some more fixing up inside the barn, mostly painting, cleaning really but Tim did put some new lights upstairs so now, even on the cloudy days, it’s bright […]

Thinking of Spring…

When we say that the barn is on the banks of the Black River in some of our ads, we mean it quite literally since we are about 5 feet from the bank of the river during the dry season. Springtime though the bank of the river sneaks a lot closer to the barn and […]

Brrrr…. it’s chilly and silent.

Well it’s minus 19 here (that’s zero fahrenheit) or at least it was when the kids hopped on the bus this morning. It might have gotten warmer but it sure doesn’t feel warmer. It’s snowing again, lightly so hopefully I won’t have to shovel out the driveway before I go off to teach my after […]

Snowy 2nd Last Day

Tomorrow is the last day we are open for 2008! Boy did this year fly by! It’s the day of the crazy snow storm the weather people have been warning us about and it is blowing fiercely and snowing so hard my foot prints to the barn fill up in about 5 mins. I did […]

Facebook Galloping Goat Group

For all of you that are facebook fans, we started a group (now a page) for the Galloping Goat Gallery a while back that is open to members. Click on this “Galloping Goat Facebook Page” and it will take you there. Also for those of you that are new to reading blogs, we, the writers […]

End of Season Sale

Well it’s November and the chill is in the air and there was actually snow falling for most of the morning today. It’s hard not not to get a bit excited when those first flakes start flying, it always gets my kids jumping out of bed and running to the window to see. I managed […]

Scarecrow Success

Thank you to everyone that came out to the Scarecrow Festival. It was a great success for the Regent Theatre and raised even more money than last year. The children had a lot of fun playing on the hay bale that was dropped in our yard. Who knew that leaping off and climbing back on […]

Scarecrow Festival Tomorrow!!!! (Oct 11th)

The weather is gorgeous this Thanksgiving weekend, warm and sunny and perfect for building scarecrows!!! Now I know why we Canadians have an earlier Thanksgiving weekend compared to our neighbours to the south, it’s because it is soooo beautiful with all the trees in their spectacular autumn colours (see photos from last year). Who doesn’t […]

Glass Jewellery Workshop – Saturday October 25th

Hello all, Well with it getting so close to Christmas and the gift giving season, Margaret, our glass jewellery artist has put together 3 workshops running during one day, Saturday October 25th. She has also set up price breaks so if you want to make 5 pairs of earrings or 4 pendant and earring sets […]

Window Workshop

Well it was fun day for these ladies and apparently it was mother daughter day with this group. We set this class up in the green room upstairs which made for some cosy quarters but it was definitely too chilly to do this outside! Fall is settling in quickly here.