Changing Seasons

Well the kids have gone back to school and the weather has definitely cooled down. Don’t you love fall though? Warm sun, cool nights and beautiful colours in all the foliage. We are going to go to a few less hours so weekdays we are open from 11 to 5 and weekends 10 to 5 […]

Friendly Faces at the Goat

There is always a friendly face to find at the Goat! Bill Stearman is back with us along with his pal Otis The Wonder Weiner Dog on Tuesdays and Wednesdays right now. Otis is the lovely long haired Dachshund and Milo, who is our baby, is a short haired, black & tan Dachshund. We do […]

Open Barn

We’re Open Again!

It’s that time of year! We’re open now 7 days a week 11 am to 5 pm weekdays and 10 am to 5 pm on weekends. C’mon down and see what’s new!

Winter Barn

Thanks for a Great Season!

We’re closed till mid-March, but if there’s something you’d like to see, just give us a shout!  

2011 Gossipy News

Knitty Gossip – I’ve been knitting a bit these past few months. This is mostly because my work, as in my hats, was excepted into the Arts on Main Gallery in Picton on the Main Street. I’m an official fibre artist there now! I also started playing with creating nuno scarves which is a felting […]


4th Annual Scarecrow Festival!

Wheee! It’s been a busy summer! Kids Art Camp is wrapped up, the nights are cooling down, and the crickets are happily cricketing away outside (and occasionally in). Must be the end of summer, which can only mean one thing, Scarecrows are coming! This Fall, County businesses and homeowners are being invited to participate in […]

Our New Website!

Well, we are now in the midst of combining our clunky old website with our Galloping Goat Gossip blog, and this (so far) is the result. It’s going to take a bit of time to get it up and running, so please bear with me…

Kids Art Camp Van

So our van has had a bit of a face lift, two giant faces to be exact, in order to promote our summer art camp and after school art clubs. The idea behind the blank pages the kids are holding up goes like this: Each child who takes part in this years summer art camp […]

Press Conference for Summer Camp

The press conference on Tuesday was great and thanks to everyone who came out and showed their support for us! I think the kids had the best time doing some fun little projects while we chatted about what we are up to with the summer camp and our expansion that is happening this year. We […]

Easy Landscape for Kids

I took more paint out again for Art Club today. Most teachers and parents, myself included usually avoid the whole paint thing in the classroom and at home with their kids. It can be disasterously messy for furniture, floors and clothes. Not to mention how everyone disappears when it’s time to clean up and who […]