Friendly Faces at the Goat


There is always a friendly face to find at the Goat! Bill Stearman is back with us along with his pal Otis The Wonder Weiner Dog on Tuesdays and Wednesdays right now. Otis is the lovely long haired Dachshund and Milo, who is our baby, is a short haired, black & tan Dachshund. We do love our weiner dogs!


We also have our cats that like to visit the shop. Baxter is our tall lanky black and white cat and the very well named Loki is a big long haired ginger boy. By the way if you see Loki over at the Black River Cheese Factory please do not let him into their store! He has been sneaking in the cheese shop and knows exactly where to find the cheese snacks and our neighbours are getting a bit frustrated with his showing up! We have armed the staff with a spray bottle to convince Loki that he is not welcome inside the store so any assistance in convincing the cat to stay out would be appreciated. It is against health regulations for him to be inside where food is sold. He is only a year old so he needs a bit of training. Oh and he does like to jump into open car windows so check your back seat before driving off or you might have a unwelcome visitor. Who knew when my daughter convinced me to let her get a kitten and named him Loki, God of Mischief, he would actually cause so much mischief!!

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