Kids Art Camp Van

So our van has had a bit of a face lift, two giant faces to be exact, in order to promote our summer art camp and after school art clubs.

The idea behind the blank pages the kids are holding up goes like this: Each child who takes part in this years summer art camp in July will have the opportunity to paint or draw a picture that will be judged by a few prominent Prince Edward County artisans. The 2 winning pieces of art will be printed in vinyl and placed on top of the blank pages on the van, so that the winning child artists will have their artwork zooming around the county and visiting local schools for as long as the van lasts. We will be picking one boy piece and one girl piece to match the characters on the van, but there’s no guarantee that the winners will look¬†exactly¬†like the characters you see here!

Also, as we had to get a little promo for the shop in there, this is the view you will get when you are driving behind us.

Here’s the close up:

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