And the Winner is…

Knit and Purl!
Congratulations to Leslie Hetherington who submitted the winning names!

Thanks to all that participated.

Here they are, actually in this photo Knit is on the right and Purl is on the left.

In truth Leslie suggested Kit and Purl, as knit could be seen as a rather buggy or pest-like name. However, if you enter their pen and stand there for any length of time, Knit (or Kit) will start nibbling on your pants or shirt tail or whatever else happens to look tasty to her. Therefore a pesty name isn’t quite so far off the mark.

We already have a small bag of their mohair in the house, and will soon begin the process of washing, carding and spinning it. Look for it in Lesley’s hats in the spring!

In the meantime the goats will be proudly hosting their first December sale. December is our annual ‘no tax’ month, so come on over and say ‘Hello’ to Knit and Purl offer them an oak leaf from the lawn, and browse the shop. We’re open Thursday to Sunday and our last day open this year is December 19th, so don’t delay!

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