Fused Glass Windows – September’s Class

This is Nancy’s window with all the pretty flowers and buzzing dragonfly. Cutting those wings looks tricky but it seems these ladies have figured it out.

Lynn found some tumbled blown glass that she had picked up ages ago and this added some great dimension to the shatter look of the pattern. This looks even better close up.

Jaclyn’s window has the cattails and dragonflys and she even put real pebbles in with the glass which really adds some neat texture. This is really beautiful and suits this old frame so well.

This is Colleen’s second time making a window. All the tumbled glass and glass buttons surrounded by the textured and opalescent clear glass looks spectacular when the light goes through it.

Beth and Gupka (hope I spelled that right!) worked together on this one. Very pretty and fresh looking with the various tones of blue.

2 thoughts on “Fused Glass Windows – September’s Class

  1. i have a ton of shards of glass, and i can likely find an old window…. then what? how does it get fused?

    so pretty….

    shell 🙂

    p.s. do you want some mosaic supplies? HEY! can i come up and run a mosaic class???? that would be so cool!!

  2. I work for Community Living Prince Edward and would be iinterested in hearing about your classes that you offer and perhaps coming to our site. Please call me at 613-476-0323.
    Looking foward to hearing from you.
    Janet Burns

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