Milford Fair 2008

Well we did it! We had a entry for the Milford Fair parade and we had a booth at the Milford Fair. It was alot of fun and we met lots of new people and had lots of regular customers drop by. ( My sincere appologies to the ladies that went to the barn for their biscotti and found it missing and had to come all the way to the fair to get it! I forgot to leave some with Brianna, whoops!)

Lucky for us friends of our daughter Leah were raising goats for their 4H club so we asked them if they would come along and parade them at the fair. I quickly called the Crafty Crone (aka my mom) and requested 3 red goat coats to be made. She of course took it an extra step and made the red hats out of the scraps of material that were leftover from the coats. Tim made some Galloping Goat t-shirts for everyone to wear with our logo on it and had a large sign made for our little red wagon. Voila! It was a parade float or whatever you call it when a bunch of people and animals walk in a parade! Tim is already planning to improve our parade float for next year, though whether or not we can locate some goats to borrow again might be tricky.

Quinn, our son walking beside Tim decided there was no way he was wearing one of our hats, too cool for that. After all his friends were all going to be watching him… sigh. What happened to that little boy who dressed like Harry Potter for 2 months straight when he was 4 with the cape, glasses and wand everywhere we went? And I mean everywhere we went, on the subway and streetcars in Toronto where we were living, walking to school, walking down Queen street to visit Tim at work, well actually on Queen street he actually looked pretty normal in comparison to some of the characters you find there!!LOL Soon, I imagine, he won’t want to be even seen with us, weird people that we are, and of course totally uncool.

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